What makes
my camera click

About me

Born in Romania, i had the opportunity to see know the world with another culture views and perspective. When I was 16 i had my first camera and started experimenting but only later i would decide that photography should be my main occupation. In 2010 I relocated in Messina where I worked as a Graphic Designer for a few years. It was a formative and transformative experience as it made me remember and realise my real passion for photography. I started freelancing as a Photographer / Videomaker. My interests for innovation and the conviction that each and one of us must give something back to society, in some way, led me to join the StartUp Messina association, there I became an active promoter and member in the organization of various educational and informative events such as Startup Weekend, TedXCapoPeloro, Digital Invasions and so on.
Passionate about theater, I followed the courses of the Vaudeville Theater School between 2016 and 2018, years in which I discovered the importance of storytelling. From September 2018 I decided to live in Rome and follow my goals to transmit messages and information through imagery with photography and graphics, thus trying at the same time to create a bridge between my passions and my work.


Ask me anything or just say ciao@mariusnadas.com